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The development of Pool ColourGuard has not been a short-term project. It incorporates fade-resistant technology that has been tested and proven over the last fourteen years. Extensive field trials combined with ongoing testing have proven the non-fading and wearing qualities of Pool ColourGuard . You can be assured that it will perform with brilliant results year after year after year.

Chlorine Test Results

The test panels below, shown in two of the most popular colour options, have been subjected to equal amounts of chlorine bleaching.

With Pool ColourGuard
Without Pool ColourGuard
The panels above with Pool ColourGuard show zero signs of bleaching, oxidation or degradation after rigorous testing. No other product world-wide can offer you this level of protection.
The two panels above without Pool ColourGuard were subjected to the same testing procedure and both show severe signs of degradation, oxidation and bleaching. On both panels the top half of the bleached surface has been rubbed back and polished in an attempt to restore the surface. However, the surface damage, oxidation and bleaching is permanent and irreversible, indicating just how effective Hydrawall Pool ColourGuard is at protecting the surface of your pool.
*Each panel was subjected to the direct bleaching effect of a stabilised chlorine tablet placed on the panel. Each panel was fully submerged in water and tablets were weighted down to prevent movement across the panel. The water in each tank was replaced daily to prevent excessive chlorine levels. The panels were washed and replaced with the same tablet in the same position on the panel. This procedure was repeated daily until the end of the testing process.

UV Test Results

Pool ColourGuard guarantees pool colour that will not fade. Its ability to withstand UV radiation has been tested and proven. The below panels show the results of a QUV Accelerated Weathering Test, administered in compliance with American Standard Testing Method (ASTM G150-06). Each of these panels was exposed to intervals of 4 hours of condensation at 50°C, followed by 8 hours of UV-A exposure at 60°C, for a total of 2000 hours. The panels with Pool ColourGuard show almost no of signs of degradation under these harsh test conditions.

With Pool ColourGuard
Without Pool ColourGuard
Starlight Series - Sterling
Marble Series - Volcanic Ash
Starlight Series - Artesian Mist