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No other product can offer you all of these advantages and benefits. Beware of unsubstantiated claims of comparison or cheaper alternatives. Only Hydrawall Pool ColourGuard can offer you all of these advantages and is the reason why it is a world-wide patent pending product.

When you choose a pool with Hydrawall Pool ColourGuard you can expect the following unique benefits:

Pool colour that does not fade

Your pool will retain its vivid, brilliant colour for many, many years.

No bleach marks

The pool colour is separated from the bleaching effects of chlorine, bromine or other oxidants by Pool ColourGuard’s initial coat.

Brilliant gloss finish

A pool with Pool ColourGuard has a brilliant, high gloss finish never before seen on swimming pools.

Pool colour that does not change

A pool with Pool ColourGuard will have negligible colour change due to the innovative process and unique technology used. The pool will maintain its beautiful appearance and look better and last much longer.

Lasting gloss retention

Pool ColourGuard technology ensures a minimum loss of gloss. Your pool has a smoother, high gloss surface that resists algae, staining and is easier to clean, resulting in less maintenance of your pool.

Stunning range of vivid colours

The Pool ColourGuard range of stunning colours has full protection from the degrading effects of chlorine and other pool chemicals.

Prevents chalking

Ultra violet light and weathering will break down conventional coatings causing them to oxidise and chalk. Not so in a pool with Pool ColourGuard , which offers vastly improved weathering resistance.

No yellowing

The unique formulation of Pool ColourGuard will not yellow from ageing or exposure to the effects of ultra violet light. Special ultra violet light absorbers and light stabilisers keep on regenerating and working year after year to keep your pool looking beautiful.

Protection against blistering

The Pool ColourGuard process inherently protects your swimming pool from minute blistering within the cosmetic surfaces and prevents deep down structural osmosis blistering.

Resists cracking

Pool ColourGuard absorbs ultra violet light and converts it into harmless heat. It resists the degradation of UV light radiation and eliminates a tendency to crack from UV exposure. Pool ColourGuard has a high thermal stability and is suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

Greater hydrolytic stability

The Pool ColourGuard process ensures that the aesthetic and structural laminates are fully protected from the aggressive nature of water. Your Pool ColourGuard swimming pool has been designed and manufactured to resist hydrolysis, which means the chances of “osmotic blistering” have been dramatically minimised. Pool ColourGuard is a process, not just a coating. Simple application of a clear gelcoat will not offer you the same protection as Pool ColourGuard .

Prevents de-lamination

The unique blend of specialised materials used in Pool ColourGuard aids and assists with inter-laminar adhesion, ensuring all the specific applications of Pool ColourGuard and swimming pool laminates are all structurally, mechanically and chemically bonded together, giving the pool greater strength, durability and blister resistance.